Anti-aging time line at any age.

I found these graphics that the magazine Elle published.  It is the most concise, realistic, easily attainable goals for your skin no matter what your age.  I love all these suggestions as well because they don’t cost a fortunate and everyone can achieve them with a little time and energy!

You will see a difference if you follow the recommendations.

Unfortunately with skincare you do get what you pay for….  buy small batch organic products that feed your skin not just lay on top of it!    Buy what you can afford, buy products that you can pronounce the ingredients.  Don’t buy heavily perfumed, synthetic ingredients.

Water: stay hydrated it plumps your skin and helps move the toxins out.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Use a gentle moisturizer that doesn’t clog your pores but keeps you moisturized .  Don’t strip your skin, you will cause acne and a never ending circle of producing inflammation.

Exfoliate as often as needed at least once a week, either manual or chemical will be acceptable.

Change to a night time moisturizer with retinol  or retinol alternative. Exfoliate as it gives a radiant appearance as the skin cells slough off and new skin cells appear.

Spend time on your skincare it will pay off and you will have younger looking, supple skin for longer!

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3 Ways to Treat Dark Circles


Ah, dark circles. Those odious bags make you look and tired even if you’ve had more than your fair share of beauty sleep.
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If you want to send them packing for good, you first need to figure out what’s causing them. Lack of sleep is the most popular culprit but by no means the only one. Genetics, blood leaks, hyperpigmentation and even aging all play a part.
To figure out what’s causing your dark circles, apply a gentle pressure on the area and see what happens:
Does the shadow disappear? You have blood pooling under your eyes
Is the color still there? You’re dealing with excess pigment
You don’t need to do any test to know if yours are caused by genetics or aging. Looking in the mirror is enough for that.
Either way, cause matters. Once you’ve figured out what’s causing your dark circles, use these simple tricks to treat them:
Use Vitamin K For Dark Circles Caused By Blood Pooling
Vitamin K is the underdog of the vitamin world. It’s not as famous as vitamins C or E but it has a superpower that can keep dark circles away: it plays a vital part in the coagulation process.
It works like this: fragile capillaries leak blood all over your undereye area. The skin is so thin there, the leak is visible to the naked eye. It looks like a brownish stain that makes you look like you haven’t slept in a month.
Vitamin K makes your blood clot. When you apply it to the leaky area, it stops the blood from spreading, reducing the appearance of your dark circles. The best part? It also helps prevent future leaks!
Studies have shown that vitamin K is even more effective when used together with retinol. A study published in Cosmetic Dermatologist has found the combination of vitamin K and retinol to improve dark circles in 93% of patients studied!
Vitamin K is the key ingredient in our Vitamin K Cream. Thanks to its blood clotting abilities, it’s also effective to minimize bruises, spider veins and any purplish blotches. For best results, layer it over a retinol serum.
Use Retinol and Bearberry For Dark Circles Caused By Hyperpigmentation
You’ve probably heard you shouldn’t use retinol on the undereye area. That’s true… to an extent. High concentrations of retinol may indeed irritate this delicate area, but a lower dose or a microencapsulated delivery system.
Retinol’s superpower is its ability to speed up cellular turnover, the skin’s exfoliating process. As the darker cells on the surface of your skin slough off, the newer, more even-toned cells come up, slowly brightening your undereye area.
Bearberry is a natural skin lightener, derived from the same plant used to make chemical lighteners, such as Arbutin and Hydroquinone, but Bearberry is the pure extract from the plant, and does not contain the undesirables that sometimes come with the chemical versions. As for dark circles treatment, Bearberry comes in where retinol leaves off. It suppresses future pigment from building up again.
On top of it, retinol and bearberry both fight free radicals and boost collagen, treating the wrinkles you already have and preventing new ones from forming. Talk about killing two birds with one treatment!
The only other thing to mention is, with retinol you may want to start small. Twice a week is more than enough to give you all the benefits without any dryness and flakiness. Once your skin has gotten used to it, you can up the frequency.
When all else fails, try concealer. What if you’ve tried everything and nothing works? Sometimes, genetics are to blame for dark circles and it’s just more than what is capable to treat with topicals. Other times, that dark shadow is due to aging. As you get older, the area around your eyes become hollow, casting a shadow on your face that makes you look tired all the time.
While you should still use an eye cream with retinol and caffeine to fight crows’ feet, the only way to make those dark circles disappear is concealer. Opt for a peachy shade that’s one or two tones lighter than your natural skin tone. The peachy colour counteracts the bluish or purplish undertones of your dark circles and brightens the eye area. You’ll look like you’ve had eight hours of rest even if you’ve barely slept a wink!
Gone are the days when skincare was powerless against dark circles. Now we finally have the treatments to fake our beauty sleep and look rested every day.
We have eye cream in stock: Night Renewal Cream $40.00 and Vitamin K cream ($45.00) or if you would like to have a customized Eminence Facial ($60.00).
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